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I like cats, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr and cupcakes. Also: MCU, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, + more

Bonnie, Canadian, Gemini, full time university student taking illustration and graphic design.

Krakens' drinking tea


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Unseen scenes from Thor


Tom Hiddleston - Laurence Olivier Awards


*drops microphone*


Anonymous asked:  Do you only write Thorki?? They’re brothers and incest is so gross and wrong. Can you write Frostiron instead?


Sure thing.

I wasn’t going to answer any drabble requests this weekend, but I dunno. This one just caught my eye.

Word count: 100


“My brother,” Thor whispers against Loki’s lips. “Do you like it when I call you that?”

Loki shifts his hips until he finds just the right spot. “Mmm, I like it better when you preface it with the word little.” He starts to move faster. “Oh, yes—brother. Sibling I grew up with and played with as a child who may or may not have come out of the same womb, YES.”

“My little brother,” Thor moans in agreement.

“Hey guys?” Tony pushes against Loki’s ass but can’t seem to match their rhythm. “Don’t leave me hangin’ down here. Hello?

thetrickstergoddess replied to your post: “James Moriarty(Scott) Vs Jamie Moriarty(Dormer)”:
can i just have a threesome bc i couldn’t have chosen

Have at it! And stay safe (I mean in a murdery kind of way).