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sobs uncontrollably

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Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome!!! Good old fashion fun, action, laughs, drama, laughs, fun, fun, fun!


Don’t go watch it with expectations, watch it for fun because it’s a sort of a movie that knows when to take it serious and when it’s good to poke fun at the weirdness. Also the soundtrack is awesome, and there’s some jokes that the kids won’t get but adults definitely will ;)

In general it’s an awesome fun movie to watch, perfect summer movie.

Oh and the trailer for “Big Hero 6" was also played, I really want to watch it!

All of this! :D And thanks again! 

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When you see it…



sailor moon graphic meme: [3/5] inners

↳minako aino/sailor venus

All right! Minako Aino, the goddess of love, will help her out, even if it costs the shirt off my back!